Mr. A. Ganesan and Kanagammal Ganesan - his wife, was doing their own cultivation of all kinds of vegetables and fruits such as a Grapes, Brinjal, Snake Gourds, Tomatoes, Onions, Ladie’s Fingers, Beet Root, Mangoes, Beans, Potatoes, Carrots and etc., At 1991, Mr. A. Ganesan started to travel Maldives with small vessel with only small amount of cash, to get an idea how to export vegetables and fruits.  After few months he stayed in Maldives, he got an idea about the business and he organized himself. At 1992 he had started to export vegetables and fruits to Maldives with help of business supporters and he succeeded. Then in 1996 he expanded his business to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. When he started to business in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, He got an idea to do Textiles Export. At 1999, he started to export sarees in the beginning, then little by little he started all kinds of textiles with help of his son Mr. Raj Kumar, the CEO of Kumar exports. At 2010 They started their own Textiles Garments in Tiruppur. Then started to make his own materials of all kinds. The main reason for all our success is that we provide good quality materials at reasonable and affordable price. Our clients from various place has left us many positive feedbacks. Customer’s greater satisfaction is much important than anything. We can export any kinds of textiles, vegetables, fruits and flowers at any time. Contact us here for more details.

Mr. G. Raj Kumar

CEO of Kumar Exports